Forget stuffing styrofoam heads

in your cramped carryon

Tired of schlepping bulky, cumbersome wig heads on vacation? Save your precious luggage space for more important things!

If you don't bring something though, you run the risk of ruining your wigs (those things cost a pretty penny!).

We quickly learned the hotel lampshade was *not* a good idea! (Yes, what happens in the video really happened!)

That's how we came up with our patented, revolutionary new wig stand to keep your wigs perfect anywhere they go. Developed by women who wear wigs, for women who wear wigs, so we know how you feel.

Don't despair

Come prepared

Never resort to using the hotel’s lamps, fans or doorknobs as a wig stand again. Recycle your bottles instead of your bottles soaking your wigs.

Your wig deserves better.

Down with pins

Clips are in

Would you poke a priceless painting like it was a pincushion? Of course not!

So why would you do it to your expensive wigs?

We highly recommend that women use hair clips to keep the style in place.

With our product your styled wigs will live on and on.

Clips not included


Because you’ve got enough on your mind.

Fits into any overnight bag or suitcase.

Travel with ease with our free exclusive tote bag.